ICan'tUnloveYou (Male)

by Susan Muranty , at 2013/08/18 00:35:42 +0000 , has 871 play
ICan'tUnloveYou (Male)

Song Details

Song title ICan'tUnloveYou (Male)
Genre Adult Contemporary
Duration 03:49
File size 5.26 MB
Bitrate 128Kbps

Adult Contemporary with a poetic, ethereal twist. Gentle love ballad with award-winning lyrics by Susan Muranty, 2012 UK Songwriting Contest Lyrics Only winner. Music/Produced by Sven Tydeman and Ritchie Neville. Vocals by Ritchie Neville. Recorded at Palm Beach NSW. Winner Lyrics Only Category of 2012 UK Songwriting Contest. Finalist 2012 Australian Songwriting Association (ASA) Awards Folk/Acoustic Category.

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ICan'tUnloveYou (Male) - written by Susan Muranty , published at 2013/08/18 00:35:42 +0000, categorized as Adult Contemporary, data is provided by Soundcloud.
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