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Genre kill yourself
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[Verse 1: Yung Mutt]

Ruby steady swervin down this muddy road
whip got like 100 spokes
my gas tank needle doesn't show how much gas i'm about to blow
told $lick don't roll down the windows
we'll probably drown just for your info
he rolled the bitch down and let in the minnows
the velvet seats ruined
they used to be pimp though
swam out the whip
hold my breath
count to 10
guess this it so we left
got to swim to the surface before we start breathin in water
looked up and saw the sun fade i'm a goner
lay me down along the bottom of the lake
forever hauntin Pontchartrain until i rise up out my grave

[Verse 2: Yung $carecrow]

comin up out them ditches under bridges in the 7th Ward
lurkin back out the cut
creepin with Mutt ridin down St. Bernard
xanax bars
chevy cars
plenty broads
curve em all
was born to to fall
on a good day i crawl
that cocaína drippin out my nose
pour my 4's in Aquafina
it ain't no secret everybody know that ima a fiend
that weapon keepin
always sleepin with my loaded nina
Yung Emphysema always smokin on that Hiroshima

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